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We have been farming  on Sugar Hollow Farm in a small way since 2009, the spring after we purchased the property.  On 10 acres we have worked each year to build a natural farm that will sustain us by raising our own meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs and medicinal plants.

It's been a struggle and a joy to see the progress we've made each year.  A struggle because we are learning as we go, but a blessing because we have taken the lessons we've learned and have been able to share them with the community.

 We are not a certified organic farm (I didn't want to go through the paperwork) but we are dedicated to using only natural methods and minimal power tools.  We don't use pesticides we use "snake a cide" that is we encourage the snakes and other critters on the farm to do their thing and keep life at a balance.  And that has given us the opportunity to also learn patience.

We have taken these lessons learned and decided to share them with the community, especially the children to empower them to make choices that enable their stewardship of the environment and to live their lives more naturally.  

So we hope you will make the trip down the lovely country road, to our little farm and see what you can do for yourself and your family getting back to nature.

Hi Lauren!  
My children attended the reading club for the past two summers.  They enjoy hearing you read from the "Little House" books and learning a skill or chore that a child of their age would have done in those days.  They especially enjoyed carding wool, butter making and berry picking!  They look forward to going to the farm, feeding the animals and watching the butterflies and dragon flies flying around the gardens.  I attended the All You Can Eat in Your Own Backyard workshop and found it so interesting.  I really loved sitting by the campfire and trying some of the treats you made with food growing in the wild, in your own backyard!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills!  We learned so many interesting things.  

Susan Caisse

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